Product Info

  • Can I use regular toothpaste with my Otobrush?

    No, the only toothpaste that is compatible with the Otobrush is our foaming toothpaste. Use of any other toothpaste may irreversibly damage the Otobrush.
  • How do you clean it?

    The Brush Heads should be rinsed with warm water, and the body to be rinsed under warm water and wiped down with a soft rag.
  • How long does it take to use?

    Press the button on the bottom of the Otobrush base to start the brushing cycle, press it additional times for each power setting change! Brush cycle is 15 seconds from start to finish.
  • How long do the Brush Heads last?

    brush heads should be replaced every 2-3 months
  • How many uses before you have to refill?

    The Toothpaste Case holds up to 7 days of brushing( Assuming you brush twice a day) Each Bottle of Otobrush’s special toothpaste lasts up to 1 month
  • How often do you need to clean the device?

    Brush heads should be rinsed after each use, the body can be cleaned once a month to avoid toothpaste residue.
  • Is it waterproof?

    Yes, Otobrush is waterproof. The charging base is equipped with Grade V waterproofing capacity, but do not fully immerse in water.(Make sure the waterproof cap is on the charging port before getting wet.)
  • What is in my package?

    -Otobrush body -One(1) Toothpaste Capsule -Two(2) Otobrush Brush Heads -Wireless Charging Base w/ USB port (Hold the body & up to 2 Brush Heads) -USB Cabe Included, Charging Port Needs to Be Charged